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KAP Frequently Asked questions


Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy

During a ketamine infusion, you are put into a temporary state of consciousness that facilitates the integration of unprocessed past experiences (i.e. trauma) which can cause symptoms of depression, anxiety, and dysfunctional forms of relationship to self and others. You will be recieving a ketamine infusion and be monitored by a healthcare professional in addition to your interaction with the therapist. 

How is KAP different from a regular ketamine infusion?

During a KAP session, an experienced, licensed psychotherapist will be working with you while you are under the influence of the ketamine. Essentially this is a therapy session while under the influence of ketamine. 

What is the role of the therapist during the session?

  • Tupport a sense of safety in the non-ordinary state the ketamine produces. 
  • Encourage your attention to unmetabolized past experiences.
  • Empathize with defense mechanisms that have locked past experiences in place- so the defense mechanisms do not return after KAP
  • Empathize with defense mechanisms that keep you from integrating your past experiences
  • Promote healthy interpretations of past experiences
  • Encourage at-home practices that facilitate transformation.

What does a series of KAP include?

This specialized treatment involves an initial therapy session (without ketamine), prior to a series of 6 KAP sessions, with follow up by the therapist, as well as Dr. Caplin.  Individual treatments after the series of 6 can be done at the patients request. 

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