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NAD Infusion Therapy


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Withdrawal and detox is often a long and painful process. Withdrawal symptoms including diarrhea, body aches, depression, fatigue, headaches, mood changes, nausea, and seizures are best handled under the supervision of a competent professional.

Withdrawal symptoms make it very difficult for someone to undergo detox, and receive the treatment that they desperately need. It is very difficult, and at times very dangerous, to undergo withdrawal without medical supervision depending on the addicted substance.

The human brain reorganizes on a cellular level as drug and/or alcohol abuse escalates. The process is known as neuroadaptation, where the body changes in order to adapt to constant use of alcohol and drugs, and it is responsible for brain damage along with changes in neurotransmitters. NAD therapy helps in replenishing and restoring the chemical balance in your brain and body. 

NAD also treats the chronic malnutrition that often accompanies addiction, giving the body the tools it needs to begin the healing process. NAD allows patients to detox from alcohol naturally and stop using drugs without a long, painful withdrawal process.

With NAD, withdrawal symptoms from alcohol and/or drugs can be reduced by 50 to 60 percent in the first three days, and up to 70 to 80 percent by the fourth day. 

NAD IV treatment is the first step to long term recovery, and patients are advised to engage with other professionals with the psychological aspects of addiction after NAD therapy. This is important to sustained sobriety, otherwise, there is a chance of relapse.

Once the symptoms of withdrawal are minimized or eliminated and patients properly detoxed, patients may focus on long-term recovery. Dr. Caplin is highly trained in addiction medicine and treating those with addiction to a variety of drugs and substances. 

Key features of NAD detox therapy


  • Natural, non-addictive alcohol and drug detox
  • Minimize withdrawal symptoms for a shorter period of time
  • Little to no cravings
  • Relief from anxiety, depression and stress that may accompany withdrawal
  • Restoration of physical and mental healing
  • Improved stress regulation 
  • Pharmacological medications are available if needed

How does NAD therapy work?


NAD is a co-factor of vitamin B3, and is used to build synapses and is needed in the process of producing energy for all your cells. Research performed on mice found that administration of NAD had anti-aging effects on the brain and brain cell tissues of older mice.

IV NAD helps suffering from anxiety, fatigue, and depression that are often associated with detox from substances that the body has become addicted to. Besides the brain healing effects, NAD is also thought to have anti-aging effects, and it used in to treat attention deficit disorder, headaches, muscle pains, chronic fatigue and more. 

Research has shown that NAD infusions may help withdrawal from addictive substances safely, overcome anxiety and depression, and handle acute and chronic stress more effectively. In fact, clinics across the US are using IV infusions of NAD to help withdrawal from drug and alcohol addiction with minimal symptoms. Patients who have received NAD infusion therapy report feeling calm and content and say they lost their “cravings” after treatment.

NAD may actually prolong life, protect DNA from degradation, slow down aging, and help restore functions in neurodegenerative illness due to its effects on the genes that govern aging.

Drugs, alcohol, stress, medications, chronic illness and age all contribute to a decrease in our NAD. As NAD decreases, so does our energy, cells age and deteriorate, and our health declines. 

NAD therapy replenishes what is needed to keep all those processes performing at their greatest potential.  IV infusions of NAD supply what the body needs to repair directly into the bloodstream in the amounts the body needs. 

How is NAD used in detox and addiction?


Patients have a small IV catheter inserted in their vein like they do with blood draws or IV Vitamin therapy and monitored for the duration of the infusion. Depending on the patients tolerance to the infusion, time can vary from 4 to 2 hours. 

NAD+ therapy combined with amino acid infusions, minerals, and B-Vitamins are typically recommended for full effect. Treatment is tailored to your individual needs after a detailed consultation.

Detox using NAD+ infusions is only offered in a few centers throughout the United States. Our facility in Durango, CO provides a comprehensive approach to health and wellness which encompasses IV NAD+, IV vitamin therapy, and IV ketamine to create the best results possible for the greatest number of people.